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) (1108:10) (vatz) "it against mitt romney in favoo offthe president...." of the caamaign have painted governor romney in a farrmore negattve light. researchers at the university of maryland thousands of pictures campaign.... in the largeet &pmedia ouulets in the country.....they discovered governor rooney as appeared in pictures far morreoften thannpresident obama..... but the pictures hhven't always cast him in a positive before the debates presiddnt 3 obama was portrayed positively in pictures....(change pictuue) romney. but after (change picture) "began - lookkng a whole (11:09:21) (vatz) have reporters follow libeerl views in (1:57) (professor "this countrys been moving too theeright forrmost of idea thattthere's some kind of left to maae to mmvv the country to - the rrght."concerr, governor romney isn't whining'...... &p just watchhng.... knowin je allrrting.thousn i &pin that study of campaign photos, researcherr found that in heeweek prioo to the first debate...the fox news chhnnel published twice as many negativv photos of governor president obam
etween president obama and mitt romney. romney.tte topic is foreegn pplicy and tonight we're aae askkng if foreign pplicy is importanntto you. you.many people weighing in on our facebook page at ttis hour. go... to... fox- baltimooe dot com ../ 3 tell us... what you think.../. sound... &p off... thru... facebook.../. senn... uu... a tweet.. at foxbaltimmre.../. text... your answer to ...45-203..../ nter... fox45a for &pfox45b for no. 3 a massiveerecalllby automaker nissan.what they ay is fallinggouttof their vehicle that an cause 3 --adblib weather as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i wouldn't want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, so i shouldn't deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. i support this law because it doesn't force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6. i've always be
haddtaken your advicc gooernor romney about our auuo industry, we'd be buying ccrs frrm china instead of seeling cars to china." phina."now the candidates take their talking points back to candidates are making a push in bbttteground states, hopiig to shore up support beffre election daa. onee.. memorable came ... in tth debate... over ...the size... of the u-s militaryy.../. presideet ... obama's comment .... hasscreated ...a lot of chatter ... pn--line... since. also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nattre offoor military has changed. aircraft carriers, where ed &pplanes land on them. we have theseeships that go under water, hey're called nuclear s) submarines."))the,,, hash-tag,,, "horses and bayonets",,, starteddtrenddngg on twiiterr,, right awwy... . andd,, became ,,,the op ttend,,, hour... after thh debate ended...//.it... ranked facebook... users have created more than 50 bayonets" so far. huffington post is reporting phy the timing of the last night's debate.. favored mitt romnee. finddout why... on baltimooe dot com... / p ccick on .
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3